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Corona - Fishing Hand Made Lures

Those for who their passion is fishing, revealing it’s secrets and discovering places that are unattainable for many, know perfectly well that by buying another plastic bait, the only thing they’ll get is a key ring. Experienced anglers know that average bait usually tempts only the angler’s whim.

With great joy and pride, as the only firm in Poland, we can share with You our excellent, efficacious baits. Products that you will see below were made by passionate anglers, who more than once arrange their workshops just by the river. Resulting bait is an effect of enormous experience, passion, familiarity with water and vast knowledge about fish habits.

All baits were selected so that you wouldn’t have to browse through extensive catalogs, choosing another color of rubber tail fin or checking the number of magnetic balls. Remember, fish don’t read those catalogs!

All baits are 100 % handmade by outstanding anglers and manufacturers from whole country.

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